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Let a WordPress Website Designer Help Market Your Business to the World

As a WordPress website designer for the last couple of decades, I can help you showcase your business online.  WordPress is a versatile platform, but its complexity can overwhelm you.  If you're not very technical, a developer can make sure your business competes well on the Web.

image: wordpess website designerLet me help you stay focused on the aspects of your business you love.  I'll create an easy-to-use, beautiful website that showcases your products and services, generates regular organic traffic, and converts visitors into customers.

Hire a WordPress Website Designer with SEO Experience

My skill set includes years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience, resulting in a quadrupling of organic traffic in one month and more.  My focus in on inbound marketing, wherein you don't need to pay for advertising to get targeted traffic to your site.

My WordPress website designer package includes much more than just a website:

  • a beautiful website that showcases your products and services
  • an optimized home page that drives targeted organic traffic without ads or social media
  • information architecture for Google-friendly, clear navigation
  • home page copy to convert traffic and keep bounce rate low

A website without SEO is dead on the Web.  WordPress allows business owners control over their online presence.  SEO allows your target market to find you.  Copywriting keeps them on your site and converts them into customers.

My professional experience includes mid-size companies, small women-owned businesses, and non-profits.  I've been able to increase sales by 75%, boost efficiency, and stay in the top 5% of designers, among other accomplishments.

My combined skill sets amount to websites that do the bulk of your business marketing for you.  While your competition spends money on ad campaigns and uses keywords that don't work, I'll help you step ahead of them with a hard-working optimized WordPress website.

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