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My professional small business consulting services help your target market find and engage with you without advertising.

How To Get Free Traffic to Your Website...Don't Buy Ads!

The Revelation: my small business consulting services hand the keys to your ideal customers so they find you first

Dear Business Owner,

The right small business consulting services can get you large amounts of FREE search traffic by using a technique your competitors don't even know how to use the right way.

If you normally advertise your business to attract prospects, do you know you can get free traffic to your website with an under-utilized basic strategy?

If you are using what you've been taught is the best way to compete in your market, do you know there’s a way to get free traffic to your business site in in a way that people are actually touched personally by your product or service – and even brought out of their natural hostility to being sold?

These are just a few of a group of little-known (and sometimes downright astounding) writing tricks I learned when I figured out how to speak to the hearts of my customers' prospects.

I'll tell you more about what I went through to learn this stuff (and how to rise above your own blocks) in a second.

But first you should know that, I have spent years mentoring and training under some of the most well-respected and successful marketers (with some of the longest careers in the industry, for good reason) in the world.

What I learned is actually so good at attracting customers, I had to scramble to be able to receive them all...

One recent small business consulting services campaign quadrupled SOLD projects in a matter of weeks..

No joke.

The power of the little-known tools I’ve learned is tangible..

In fact, another project increased website traffic by 200% for a small, woman-owned business with NO ad budget.

And when a larger company relocated into a new state, I got them 650 local visitors in their first season.

Plus, I've applied my high-level small business consulting services to help start ups and established companies keep customers who were about to leave -- even when the the company didn’t know that this was on their mind.

Here's what I mean:

Even though I am not a flashy person…and even though I have never advertised my small business consulting services before…I know how the “cream of the crop” works.

I’m even teaching a close friend how to apply simple yet super effective techniques to make his online presence get him noticed in his field.

For example:

He told me about a music industry secret often used by successful players that essentially turns people into believers -- even if they don’t have time for marketing, hate website development, and really just want to focus all their energy on their art.

He told me how some of his peers are stifling their profits by letting in too many voices on their projects, something the "other guys" insist you need.

He told me why a niche site is one of the best places in the world to find the right buyers.

And look at this:

He also shared some of the secrets he picked up while completing his first feature film.

Secrets like why it's actually a mistake to use commonly used tools...The single best marketing advice ever given (that isn't even a book about “marketing”)…And a totally unknown way to get free traffic that...

What I Deliver In My Small Business Consulting Services Packages Makes People Seek You Out By Name

By the way, when I was learning from one genius I allowed him to use me as an example case in one of his workshops.

And if you want to get free traffic without waiting -- schedule a call with me and quickly learn where your weaknesses are.

Benefit From Some of the Close-to-the-Chest Secrets to Get Free Traffic Passed Down to the Select Few

These secrets are magnetic content targeted in such a way that makes people find and interact with your brand without spending money on ads. Book now to talk with me for FREE.

But here's the thing:

As incredible as all these tactics are…they're small potatoes compared to the small business consulting services techniques, practices, and mindsets my industry-topping mentors revealed.

A secret one of these masters used for the past 7 years to drive consistent high-quality traffic to his own website.

In fact, this secret is so powerful (and simple) you can use it to boost your market’s awareness of your business on your very first try...

Even If You Break Every Promotional "Rule" the World Has Forced on You

Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

I know, but it's a fact.

And this woman I talked with has watched as people who knew nothing about writing achieved their vision of success using this one secret you could only describe as magic.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about these incredible online tactics in a minute.

But first, I want to tell you exactly why this "secret" is so effective.

Most online businesses have heard about or have a marketing team that knows the generally-accepted basic strategies.

And even though they’re commonly shared as effective, they’re actually just scratching the surface.

And while I can't cover everything I learned from my teachers here, I can tell you how to get your hands on everything above -- plus more I haven't told you about -- at no risk...

And Even A FREE Small Business Consulting Services Consultation With Me If You Choose!

Here's how:

image: small business consulting services

I didn’t create this approach - I caught a wave at the right time, getting not only lucrative tips that have led to thousands of (what would have otherwise been lost) dollars, but also the underlying strategies to achieve real change.  I was fortunate to find the best secrets that are rarely revealed.

A lot of courses, consulting, and writing services don’t let you in on what works.  They rehash the same old (ineffective) information, keeping the real stuff a secret.

In my small business consulting services work, I employ one of almost unbelievably effective research tactics the best marketers have kept to themselves for years.

These are the secrets I learned while studying under Joe Vitale, John Carlton, John Ellis, and a small handful of others who really know what they’re doing.

And you know what?

No matter how hard you search…no matter how many “top dawgs” you study…you can't find 90% of these secrets anywhere else.


Because until now…

These Secrets Have Been In The Greatest Marketers' Heads!

These secrets are second-nature to me now.

Even the friend I mentioned earlier -- whom I met in the U.S. and have known for a long time now -- didn't fully understand how I do it until I finally talked enough about my own projects that he had to sit up and listen.  Now he is well on his way to implementing the information I shared with him.

Here are just a few of the little-known secrets you'll see at work when you employ my small business consulting services:

  • A secret way to sort out what works and what doesn’t
  • How to rise to the top of the stack
  • Proven cure for the lazy business owner
  • Sidestep the nonsense out there
  • Enable your great product or service to shine through
  • Stop sputtering and start profiting
  • Wrangle your spot on Google
  • Stop drinking the wrong juice
  • The exact formula I use with my own business and best clients
  • How to get free traffic you can close now
  • The correct tactics for finding the prospects who want what you have but don’t know (yet) about you

Speaking of going from unknown to known…

My clients’ analytics emails from Google are getting more exciting by the day..


It’s simple:

They have discovered a straight-to-the-chase way to...

Get Free Traffic to Their Business Website In A Seemingly Impossible But Desirable Way

Before my clients tried my methods, they were hopeless of ever making the search engines happy..

Plus, it's so simple it works in spite of the constant changes the search engines make. No sneaky or questionable tricks necessary.

And guess what? I’m one of a small group of people in the world who can do this.  And, before now, I never offered this stuff to anyone else -- not even my friends -- for such a reasonable fee. Like:

  • How to grow your business like a weed
  • A simple secret demand-stimulator
  • Unusual timing blunders turned gold
  • Devouring the competition alive
  • Unrelenting worker bees who keep going while you sleep
  • Escape the race everyone else is in
  • Honest loophole
  • Pass amateur status
  • Jaw-dropping power
  • Impossible-to-believe insights
  • An enormously lucrative approach that will get you golfing (or whatever you’d rather be doing)

Even If You Are New To A Market or Have Lost Traction In Your Current One

Sound impossible?

I thought the same thing - and then I saw it. This is 100% real. And if you're not using this secret…then you're half as likely to attract great customers.

  • How to materialize the right people
  • How to help them find and get to know you in the absolute easiest way possible
  • How to fascinate them quickly
  • A secret way to ooze that “it” quality
  • Nothing comes close
  • The standard is butt-ugly by comparison
  • Beat the rap
  • How to explode
  • How to dodge the bullets
  • “Dress” to impress
  • An exclusive routine that will set you up for repeat success...

You'll Never Miss the Chance to Snag Your Ideal Customers Again!

Surprisingly, this works lightning fast.

This became part of my process when a prospect took an unexpected extra step to reach out to me..

Most people who should know and have mastered the general idea don't really understand it.  And the few that do almost never charge affordable rates.

  • How to maximize every penny
  • How to stop being a victim of the intense competition in your industry
  • Little-known secret jackpot
  • Make waves
  • Legal magic act
  • Most people miss out

There's more. A lot more.


Leading your new crowd of prospects to buy. How to engage them correctly once they find you…A secret way to get their attention and hold it…And a simple, “fool proof” method to gain their trust...
They have no reason to stick around or come back without good reason.

You won't find this anywhere else but in my small business consulting services packages.

And yet, it can be easily implemented and truly thrilling - even if you have a family to raise and want to focus on other business tasks.

Here's the bottom line:

These are the tactics I use to dependably do better work than competitors.

There are secrets in my approach you can't get anywhere else without paying out the wazoo.

When you focus on doing things "my way," you can relax more and still grab more business. Nobody wants to work harder for better results.  And turn skeptics into referrers or high-paying clients that come to you over and over again -- happily giving you their money for years in the future!

Quite frankly, my approach is so powerful…

I’m almost embarrassed at how reasonable my rates are.

Even though my services are shockingly powerful and quickly effective, I feel good helping businesses without gouging them for it.

Call me crazy, but that’s how I can keep wanting to share my knowledge with others - by being ethical in a profit-hungry world.
In fact, my methods worked in such a short time for me that I hadn’t even had time to set up my email to catch all the customers who poured in requesting a spot on my calendar!

The client I mentioned earlier went beyond the minimum level of effort, to reach out to me by phone..  Because of that one call, I discovered thousands of dollars literally left sitting on the table because I hadn't set up my email yet - I had doubted my own success!  After that lucky call, everything changed just from incorporating what I know into my own business.

It was a difficult lesson -- missing out on all that increased paid work -- but it showed me how insanely powerful (and fast!) the changes I made worked to bring in new business.

Working with me

And when you hire me, you'll get in the right game -- without worry, without unverified efforts, and without wasting your marketing budget on mediocre methods that don’t account for all parameters.

Working with many marketing professionals out there costs an arm and a leg.

Whether or not their methods work, you’ve shelled out a huge chunk (perhaps all!) of your budget.  There’s no room left to try another route if they fail you.

But for now you can get proper and thorough traffic driven to your website and engaging content for a one-time fee all-in.  That’s just a fraction of what the so-called gurus out there are charging for “systems” that take too much time to learn and run and still leave you in the dark.

Plus, I have also decided to give you a generous deal on blogging services.  Only $250 to $500/monthly for expert keyword research and optimized content.

If you don’t believe I’ve got the goods, fine.  Here’s my personal guarantee: Check it out for yourself.  If you don’t agree this is THE most effective way to get free traffic for your website after three months… then I’ll give you a FREE revision valued at $800!

Here's what that means:

If your site doesn’t attract more search traffic in three months following my service, just contact me for a full revision..that’s new research and fresh no cost.

Which means I am not going to charge you to re-do all my work if it doesn’t work.  (That’s never happened.)

This low project rate is a one-time offer for new clients.  I am using this offer as a market test and will not have this available forever.

The price will go up if you don’t act before I decide to take the test down.

If you don’t want this lucrative, effective, fast transformation for your business, I’ll give it to someone else.

Get it now, before I change my market test.

There’s even more reason to act now on this offer.  The first 10 people to sign up get two extra bonuses at no charge.

The first is a Product Description Critique.  I will give you a written critique of one of your product descriptions for FREE.  Feel free to use this on your website with no strings attached. 🙂

The second bonus I’ve got to sweeten this incredible deal even more is a FREE About Page Makeover.  Be sure your about page is telling the right story about you and offering the right information about your business to the right visitors.

So the only way to get my website traffic driver service as advertised is to act now.

Order securely online now by clicking the button below.

Remember, you are covered by my guarantee.

That takes all the pressure off you, and assures that you get a working solution.





P.S.  One more thing:  One of my clients just surged ahead of the three other companies in their local niche, increasing sales efficiency by a whopping 75% and exceeding quota by 125%!  This led me to offer the bonuses above..because they were instrumental in achieving these numbers.

The value of just the bonuses alone is $600. But you get both FREE when you act now.

In fact, the $600 this recent client could have spent out of pocket elsewhere earned her tens of thousands in both client retention and new contracts!

These stand-alone value bonuses are included when you hire me.

To get it, order now.

Time is short.  So hurry.

What our clients have to say about this offer:

“Took only three days”
“Thank you so much! I wasn't sure how quickly this would work, but I got my first inquiry in only three days..and it turned into paid work after months of drought.” - Jean R., landscape mason

“Huge boost”
“Your ideas and implementation boosted department-wide sales by an incredible two thirds, we couldn’t be more appreciative of your service.” - Nicole B., operations manager

“You saved our clients”
“We didn’t know so many clients were about to leave us.  We owe you a lot.” - Brent D., design department manager

“Google emails much better”
“The analytical email I get now from Google are radically better..more visitors than I’ve ever seen!” - Gina S., boutique owner

Get these kinds of results for your business.

Remember, if it doesn’t work within 3 months, I will redo it for FREE.

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