Recommended Reading

Permaculture Books

Permaculture Designer's Manual

by Bill Mollison

There is no other book that has influenced as many people in the desire to learn and use permaculture than this one.  I own this book for good reason.  This is the FIRST book listed because every other permaculture book listed on this page is influenced by Bill Mollison and this one book.  MUST-READ.

Gaia's Garden

by Toby Hemenway

This book is helpful for creating plant guilds and putting permaculture principles into concrete features in your landscape.  A great guide and one I own and use for client projects.  Highly recommended!

Perennial Vegetables & Perennial Vegetable Gardening

(Book + DVD Bundle)

by Eric Toensmeier

This book dives into edible plants that you do not have to plant more than one time.  This saves you on the cost of purchasing and the time taken every year to plant.  Learn what grows in your area and harvest foods from your back yard indefinitely. 


Restoration Agriculture

by Mark Shepard

This book addresses the reliance of traditional agriculture on annual food crops and shows us the value of shifting toward perennial plant crops that don't need to be re-purchased and planted every year.  My focus has always been on perennial food systems, so I'm happy to recommend this tome.

The Holistic Orchard

(Book + DVD Bundle)

by Michael Phillips

Growing fruit trees takes specialized knowledge.  This grower takes an approach that leaves out the practices used by chemical agriculture.  From mycelial networks under the soil's surface to fruit tree care, you'll learn what to do in creating a perennial orchard on your property.

The Food Forest Handbook

by Darrell Frey and Michelle Czolba

This guide offers a focus on the permaculture food forest, which combines vines, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more to mimic a natural forest while providing an abundance of edibles.  Covering management as well as design, use this handy manual in the creation of your perennial food system.

Zombie Books

The Road

by Cormac McCarthy

The book I just couldn't finish the film of - too scary!  But definitely essential reading.  Why?  Cannibals! 

Not In His Image

by John Lamb Lash

Absolutely essential reading.  JLL is the only scholar in the world to go over the Nag Hamadi material without projecting a religious overlay to it.  Gnostics weren't only not Christians, they were murdered by Christians for warning the world about the utter danger of Christianity.  If that doesn't wet your appetite to know more, I implore you to just go and read this book.  You will never be the same.



by Dr. James DeMeo

This book is the first to document the correlation between desertification and violence, specifically child abuse.  With human trafficking the world's fastest-growing industry and kids being at the center of it, this book is a must-read.


Dispelling Wetiko

by Paul Levy

I was led to this book by paranormal means.  It tells of a mind virus that turns humanity toward violence and hides itself through projection of its influence onto those that point out its presence.  Interesting and personal take on the subject and definitely worth a read.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies

by Daniel Drezner

This nonfiction book is great because it looks seriously at global preparation through the lens of how a zombie apocalypse would affect politics and decision-making at the highest levels of government.  While most zombie books take the same basic tack, this one isn't really all that tongue and cheek. 


The Zombie Survival Guide

by Max Brooks

I recommend this book because at no time in the entire thing does the author crack a smile, making the guide so authentic that you really do begin to wonder just what the hell happened in Los Angeles in the nineties.  Included are novel survival tips such as packing earplugs so you don't go nuts from the constant moaning.


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