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There are several main ways I can serve you.  Click the links below to choose which one best describes you:

01. Start with Food Forest Mastery

When I asked permaculture enthusiasts what they struggled with the most, I discovered that they wanted three things: a clear starting point with steps to follow, the confidence they would be able to avoid making mistakes that would cost them a lot of money, and the ability to influence their neighborhoods and social circles toward being more sustainable as well. With these top issues in mind, I developed a ten module course for creating a food forest using permaculture.


02. Start with a professional permaculture plan

If you'd like a plan to follow, one that covers your whole property and that you can phase in over time according to your own budget and timeline, tell me about your project.

03 - Start reading the book

I began with an original thesis.  I knew I was onto something, so I wrote the entire thing down before doing any research.  When I began looking for evidence of other people talking about what I'd come up with, I didn't find my idea out there yet, but I did find more evidence to support it than I'd imagined was possible.  I found not only a ton of corroborating evidence that I was right, but I also found such frightening information in the course of my research that I stopped writing for a total of 4 or 5 years.  This book not only reveals the actual threat to all mankind, lurking under our noses, but it provides the honest-to-god solution.  Read it to survive.

The Real Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

04 - Start Building Your Soil

For those who want to start simple and focus only on creating soil capable of supporting plants, this free guide will point you in the right direction quickly and inexpensively.

05 - Start replacing your lawn for a rebate

This is something most municipalities will actually pay you to do.  It's a no-brainer for that reason as well as being the ecological alternative to the English (it's not even American) chemical-dependent, high-maintenance, water-guzzling, invasive, exotic lawn.

06 - Start increasing your property value

This is one of the biggest hidden ways you can generate serious income.  It's stable, dependable, and has one of the highest ROI's I've ever heard of.  Get my free educational series and report here.

07 - Start learning about real zombies

My work is focused on the REAL zombie apocalypse, not some tongue-in-cheek popular bandwagon using a fictional outbreak as the basis for yet another flesh-eating invasion.  I'm certain most people have no idea that zombies are in fact real.  And no, I don't mean the traditional Haitian Z's either.  If you're curious what I mean when I use the word zombie and what zombies have to do with my work, check out this free article from my blog about what zombies eat.

08 - Start with The Matrix

This one's a doozy.  I got to live one of my dreams and interview the writer of the popular feature length film, The Matrix.  Listen to the first of four interviews we did together here.

For more resources, check out my resources page here.

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