The Real Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Stop wasting time on fictionalized zombie apocalypse survival guide books – get the one-and-only real one and stay alive!


The Only Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide You Will Ever Need

This zombie apocalypse survival guide is the one you will need to make it out alive. The terrifying reality is that zombies are not fiction. All the shows and movies fictionalize them, and so you’re not going to live through the real-life version without this book.  This one-of-a-kind guide teaches you how to recognize real zombies, what to do to stay safe in their midst, how to escape their clutches, and much more.

Surviving the biggimage: real zombie apocalypse survival guideest threat to humankind is the most important thing you will ever attempt.  By starting now, doing the right things, and not procrastinating or failing to take the zombie threat I reveal in this book dead seriously, you will remain among the living.  It’s not enough to simply avoid being eaten alive.  You’re going to have to defend what you have.  This book addresses all aspects necessary for surviving the real zombie apocalypse.  From social to political to material to mental and more, read it and weep in fear; then get busy.

Fair warning: this book will frighten you more than anything you’ve ever come across before. This guide will scare you so badly that you will take action and be among the survivors.  That is the beauty in the rot. You want to know how I know this?  It’s simple: I wrote out my original thesis in 2009 before doing a lick of research. Later, what I found shook me so deeply that I avoided writing again for three full years afterward.

I’m not here just to scare you or give you a good laugh. After reading this book you will look at the world differently.  You will find the motivation to change your life for the better. You will stop wasting time on meaningless things that don’t add value to your life or the world. You will become happier, make more friends, and lose weight. No this is not a gimmick to get you to buy it. You’ll see. In the actual zombie infestation of this planet, you have to know the truth and use it to prepare correctly if you don’t want to join the undead hordes.

What does this zombie apocalypse survival guide offer that all the others don’t? It addresses the reality of zombies and takes the threat they pose to your life seriously. I’ve spent years on this because I had no idea at first how big of a story I had. Don’t miss your chance! Read this guide and be properly prepared to survive an actual, outright zombie viral infestation the likes of which you could not possibly imagine in your worst nightmare. #zombieapocalypsesurvivalguide