Keyword Research

Get professional-level keyword research covering the 4 essential metrics to make sure the search terms you optimize on your site are viable and draw your target customers directly to you without ads or social media.


Get Customers to Find You Effortlessly

The right strategy to find customers is to get customers to find you.  Small business owners we work with get to sit back and relax (or work on other things) while their ideal customers come to them.  image: how to find customers

While other businesses spend money on ads that may or may not work, we help our clients attract qualified customers.  How?  By making sure that visitors to your business website are looking for what you sell.

A surprisingly large number of business owners are wasting the opportunity to attract correctly targeted clients.

They either mistakenly use tools or services that leave out key metrics or hire someone who doesn’t know how to do effective keyword research.

It’s Scary How Few “Pros” Know How to Find Customers

This results in wasting business owner’s money and time while delivering traffic that isn’t actually looking for your products and services!

This means your visitors will bounce when they reach your site.

  • Free tools like Google Keyword Planner frequently deliver keywords that are not viable
  • Many service providers are not professionally trained and thus give you keywords that don’t work

Our Keyword Research Package utilizes four professional levels of research to assure that they keywords we procure for you are viable across the Internet.   This means your business will effortlessly attract customers looking for what you sell.

Stop Wasting Money

To assure you aren’t wasting your time and money on optimizing for the wrong terms, we look at the following essential metrics:

  1. Traffic – how many people looking for what you provide actually type in the search word or term each day.
  2. Target Competition – how many of your competitors are already using the term in key locations on their websites.
  3. Monetization – the monthly value you could achieve by correctly targeting and utilizing the term on your site.
  4. Overall Competition – thirteen key points of analysis that amount to a green, yellow, or red light for using the term.

To boost your business success let us set you up to attract the customers that want what you sell.




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