The 5 Questions Every Procurement Officer Should Ask A Writing Contractor

Procurement Management Process

Asking this short list of questions of writing contractors can save you valuable time and money you could otherwise waste on the wrong candidates..  Get my list free by completing the form below.

Asking these few questions can make the difference and has for my clients.  By incorporating this list into my clients' procurement management process, I have helped them:

image: procurement management process

-Get answers within 48 hours

-Hold efficient meetings

-Minimize meeting time

-Increase communication effectiveness

-Maximize project efficiency

Simplify Procurement Management

What are the top questions a procurement agent should ask a potential hire for writing services?  The procurement management process involves a lot of formal stages, but there are intangibles just as important.  Using this free list of questions can save you time and your agency money by helping you select the best candidate regardless of how great a candidate might look on paper.

    Ask these questions before you move a candidate forward.  Take a moment to weave this short Q&A into your process.  Then listen carefully to your gut when they answer. 

    In my own procurement work, I always pass along to my clients both my gut instinct about a prospect and their paper credentials.  By asking the questions I'm sharing with you for free in this downloadable PDF, you'll be able to quickly get a feel for what it will be like for your agency to work with the contractor.  This small investment of time and effort always delivers results for me and my clients, and I hope it serves you equally well.

    If you need a writing contractor, I'd be happy to learn about your projects and discuss my capabilities.  For a concise summary, you can download a copy of my capabilities statement by clicking below.

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