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Jadene Mayla's areas of expertise match her education and training.  She holds an undergraduate writing degree, a graduate degree in landscape architecture, a professional certificate in permaculture design, copywriting training from legendary copywriter John Carlton, business analysis CBAP training, and a master's degree in applied craft and design.  Her thesis focused on applied ancient Egyptian physics, for which she completed foundation training in BioGeometry at the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

In addition, she has expertise in SEO, WordPress, CAD, and InDesign.

She has worked professionally in these areas since 2004 and served dozens of clients.  Her results include quadrupling sales, boosting quota performance, increasing department efficiency, and drawing high numbers of organic visitors on a consistent basis.

Her biggest copywriting project has been for a landscape company, involving long-form sales copy, optimized landing pages, and a complete sales funnel including freebies and automated email campaigns.

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