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Corporate Clients

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Organizational Clients

Beautiful BioSwales

Focused on Advocacy of Local government toward inclusion of swales in public parks.

The Vultures Booklet

Offering americans a path to remove corrupt officials from office legally, ethically, and effectively.

All Phaze Construction

development of property elements from structures to interiors.

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  Personal Projects

Harmonic Artworks

Brand Strategy, Keyword Research, Collaterals Design, Site Optimization, Website Design, Copywriting, Advertorials, Presentation Design

This was a personal project of mine. 

I undertook it while getting an MFA to launch my art brand.


Brand Strategy, Keyword Research, Collaterals Design, Website Design, Site Optimization, Copywriting, Advertorials, Marketing Funnel Development, Presentation Design

This was another personal project of mine. 

I used it to teach myself digital marketing in the beginning, resulting in a quadrupling of revenue in one quarter.

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Zombie Permaculture

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