Investigative Journalism

What Is The Matrix Hiding?

C.I.A. Library Find Describes Seattle Autonomous Zone

The Illuminati Woman & The Missing Children

When Did Slavery End?  It Didn't.

BLM Defunds the LA County Sheriff's Department

What Plastics Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know


Promotional Interviews

Interviews showcase your work with intelligent questions and dialogue, building interest around your brand and growing your audience.

Includes video recording, editing, production, publication, and SEO.



Interview Series

Engage audiences with a series of 3 Promotional Video Interviews.

Unveil a new product line, dive deeper into an aspect of your work, cover an ongoing story as it develops.

Includes all components of the single video plus bulk discount of 10% off normal single video price.

Video Editing

Editing of your raw footage into a nice video ready for publication on your website or other marketing channels.

Includes transitions, clipping, still media creation and insertion, content editing for clarity and story flow, and search engine optimization.

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