How to Find Customers Without Looking

How to Find Customers

How to Find Customers By Getting Them to Come to You

Your ideal customers and clients are sensitive, intelligent human beings.  They can tell when a sales hunter is out to get them.  The good news is, you can ease up on your drive to get the sale - and get them to pursue you instead.

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How to Find Customers

If you want to know how to find customers, the secret is to get them to find you.  You can sit back and relax (or work on other things) while your ideal customers come to you.

While other businesses spend money on ads that may or may not work, smart business owners attract qualified customers naturally.  How?  By making sure that visitors to your business website are looking for what you sell.

Doing that is a little more complicated than it might sound.  We've been drawing in qualified leads without a sales team for years.  We spend time by the pool, take walks, and play with out cats.  Prospective clients who are looking for what we do contact us regularly, and we do nothing.

We're not talking about ads.  We spend no money, and yet these customers come to us on a regular basis.  How do we do it?  A surprisingly large number of business owners are wasting money and time, yet missing a huge opportunity to attract correctly targeted clients.

They either mistakenly use tools like Google's keyword tool that leaves out key metrics or hire someone who doesn't know how to do effective keyword research.  Unfortunately, we've seen the (lack of) results of that.

It's Scary How Few "Pros" Know How to Find Customers

We've seen so-called internet marketers waste business owner's money and time while delivering traffic that isn't actually looking for their products and services!

That kind of bad marketing means your visitors will bounce when they reach your site.

  • Free tools like Google Keyword Planner frequently deliver keywords that are not viable
  • Many service providers are not professionally trained and thus give you keywords that don't work

You can take a look at our Keyword Research package to see the full list of metrics that have to be considered when attempting to generate organic traffic to a business website.

To boost your business success let us show you how to find customers that want what you sell.



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