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I love connecting with other permaculture enthusiasts (and zombie fans) and helping them to take their preparedness to the next level.  If that sounds like fun to you, here are the best ways to connect with me:

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By subscribing to my updates, you’ll be the first to know when I publish new content, offer free trainings, go live, or have other cool stuff to share with you.  The best way to subscribe is by choosing one of my favorite resources:

True Freedom: The Quickstart Guide to Permaculture (for those looking for food independence and more)


Subscribe to My Podcast

My podcast, The Zombie Permaculture Project, is the home of my latest updates, strategies, and interviews with fascinating people.

I release a new episode roughly every week covering topics such as:

  • Desertification reversal

  • Water catchment and infiltration

  • Edible landscaping

  • Living off-grid

  • Finding, buying, and protecting land

  • Social permaculture

Click here to learn more about the podcast, listen to some of my most popular episodes, or send me a question to answer on air!

Become a Subscriber (for those who want exclusive, subversive content)

Follow My Vlog

My vlog for The Zombie Permaculture Project is the home of my latest videos.

I release new videos including:

  • Dew harvesting tutorials

  • Storm water harvesting

  • Plant selection

  • Super-efficient irrigation

  • Off-grid preparation and maintenance

  • How to avoid the wrong people in the desert

  • How to have the most fun if you're doing it alone

Click here to learn more about the vlog, watch some of my most popular episodes, and make sure to subscribe!

Learn From Me (My Products)

The most economical way to get my best thinking, strategies, and proven systems for success are through my courses and other products.  Below are my most popular products along with a link to my full suite of products and services.

Zombie Permaculture - My life's work, the only survival manual you will need in the real zombie apocalypse.

The Apocalypse Permaculture Reader - My short book of articles about permaculture in pre-apocalyptic times.

The Simple Way To Turn 3K Into 45-75K In A Few Months – Full of calculations and over 17 years of pro experience.

Two Ways To Boost Soil In One Season Without Spending A Dime - This guide shows you how to use little-known soil regeneration techniques and score free local resources for your property. 

The Apocalypse Permaculture Reader - An early collection of articles about apocalypse from my professional perspective.

View all of my products and services here.


Hire Me As Your Coach

The absolute best way to learn from me is as a permaculture client.

My primary focus in coaching is to help property owners start, grow, and complete the ecological restoration of their site through Permaculture Master Planning.

If you’d like coaching in an area outside of getting a professionally designed plan, registration for my course in Food Forest Mastery is now open.

To discover if my planning services are right for you, click here to schedule a free, 20-minute, no-obligation discovery coaching call.  In your call, you’ll get a review of your property and a written strategy to start, grow, and complete the ecological restoration of your property with a professionally designed Permaculture Master Plan.

You’ll also know if Food Forest Mastery is right for you.

Learn more about Food Forest Mastery here.


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