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Top 3 Reasons You Need Copywriting

If you have a business, it either stands above the competition or down in the pit elbow to elbow with it.

Which level would you rather be on?

I hope this list helps you figure that out.  Here are three reasons I believe are tops when it comes to your business copy.

Reason #1 – Your customer doesn’t know what you do.

So your customer is going about his or her day, simply trying to avoid feeling like crap, while getting to-dos done and not getting yelled at by a boss or spouse, or a stranger on the freeway.  You dig?  You might even feel the same way.

He has no idea that you sell XYZ Widget.  He doesn’t have the time or inclination to know this.

Which is why it is your job to tell him.  Copywriting is the most effective way to let your ideal customer know what you do or sell in a way that reaches through his day to his brain where it can register.

Reason #2 – Your customer doesn’t care what you do.

Your dream prospect has no reason whatsoever to care what you’re selling or offering until you persuade her to care.

She has bills to pay, kids to raise, cats to herd, and etc.  You know this because so do you.

Think about what’s on your mind when you leave the house.  You’re likely focused on picking up cheese and crackers for this weekend’s game and remembering to swing by and wash the dust off your car before it turns into cement.

In order to nudge in on that mental list of things she cares about, you need to spell out why what you do will be of interest to her.

Copywriting is the most effective way to get her attention and keep it.  Good writing is persuasive without being demanding.  You can’t force her to care.  You have to instead convince her you do.

Reason #3 – Your customer wants to forget what you do.

Your customer is as I’ve said busy living their life.  They aren’t out looking to learn about your business and what you are selling.

Unless you can speak to their needs when it comes to your products or services.

Great copywriting is a direct avenue to memorable product descriptions and other business content.  Without it, you run the risk of your message going in one ear and out the other.

You have only seconds to catch your prospective customer’s attention and then you need to hold onto it.

Consider your website, collateral materials, blog, social media, and ads.  If you want to know if they are performing their best to get your ideal customers to know, care about , and remember what you do, get a free estimate and we’ll tell you what we think you can do to make sure your business is at the top.

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