What Is Zombie Apocalypse?

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What is Zombie Apocalypse?

You've likely seen either The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones by now.  These pop culture shows join the hordes of other material featuring zombies.  But what is zombie apocalypse exactly?

I'm of the strong opinion that there is another story hiding beneath popular cult mythology on the subject of zombies.  On the surface, zombies are gross and frightening enough.  Can there be a darker side to their story?

I started writing a book in 2009 to both explain what is zombie apocalypse and teach people once and for all how to survive it.  My research led me down a rabbit hole.  The book ties my research to my original thesis in a way that will give you chills in both good and bad ways.  I'm excited to share with you the awful things I found on that underbelly of the zombie myth.  I think you'll also like my solution.

Zombie Permaculture is a book that prompts you to ponder:  How thick will your mulch be when the hordes descend?

The book shows you how to step from the wrong path onto the right one, before it's too late. This is essential to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

In the book, I go into the situation and its causes, and then I deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses the problem at its roots.

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