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YouTube Series and Podcast

After a long and winding trip from California to Texas, I’m settling in and finally have the time to edit and upload the videos I took of my RV renovation.

Here is the first episode.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell to get notified of new episodes.  Season One is all about the RV.

While I get the video series published, I’m already creating episodes of the accompanying podcast.  Season Two of that just launched and is about the land.

It’s amazing out here in the Texas desert.  You’re invited to join me.

Get a food forest of your own here.

What Follows Lightning

Like probably most residents of my California neighborhood last night I was awakened by a loud crack and shudder followed by the unmistakable drumming of a torrential downpour.   A few months ago, a fellow patriotic citizen posted to one of the few remaining socialist media platforms still tolerating free speach.  He said he was waking up at 3 am nightly for no reason.  Not only had I also found this happening to me, but many others chimed in to tell of similar experiences.  The answer might lie in what happens when you are awake in the middle of the night..

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Survive The Real Zombie Apocalypse

How To Really Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

You’ve likely seen either The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones by now.  These pop culture shows join the hordes of other material featuring zombies.  But what is there’s more to these stories than  fiction?

I’m of the strong opinion that there is another story hiding beneath popular cult mythology on the subject of zombies.  On the surface, zombies are gross and frightening enough.  Can there be a darker side to their story?

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Soil Erosion Solutions to Reclaim Your Land

Soil Erosion Solutions for Street Trees

I was delighted when free mulch showed up (and so did a neighbor to help me spread it) after three years of dreaming that someday the bare soil under the Crab Apple trees along 61st Street in SE Portland, Oregon, would be covered. This wonderful little project demonstrates one of many soil erosion solutions for different situations.

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