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Q Drops The Truth

The mainstream news recently fumbled the ball by unintentionally drawing international attention to the phenomenon known as ‘Qanon.’   From those citizens of the world who didn’t already know about the Q-level military intelligence operation, search engines exploded with queires.  Oops.  But the corporate fake news is stupid, even while they follow a brilliantly evil agenda to disinform The People.  If you recently learned about Q drops or Qanon on the news or in the paper, you are most definitely being lied to.  The Q drops are no theory, but rather they reveal a real conspiracy being perpetrated against children around the world.  In this show I share with you the Q drops from today that illustrate this.

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What is The Matrix Hiding? Interview With Thomas Althouse

What is The Matrix hiding?

Is there something even darker than Mr. Smith lurking in the film? The story depicted in the 1999 film captivated audiences around the world, bringing us into a computer-simulated illusion keeping its human characters from the terrible post-apocalyptic truth.

In the default world after the SARS-Cov2 panic, followed by the ANTIFA riots, the world sprouted fissures that sent citizens into red and blue pill camps. After months of isolation, I reached out to make connections amidst all the chaos, and synchronicities and chance meetings guided me forward. One of these led me to conduct this interview.

While many, me included, think of the film as a sort of documentary, I had always dreamed that one day I would get to ask the writer where the idea came from, what the symbology really means, and a number of hard-hitting questions related to research for a creative project of my own. Not for the first time, my vision became a reality when I was introduced one day to the man featured in this interview.

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