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My Do No Work Method

What Do You Work On To Grow (or Just Run) Your Business?

Inventory:  what do you spend your time on in a typical week when it comes to your business?  Are you like one of my friends, whom I always catch in the 5 or 10 minutes she has free in between back-to-back Zoom meetings on a typical day?  Are you like one of my past clients, who was spending thousands of dollars every month on ads that were getting her business nowhere?

There is a difference between working in your business and working on your business.  Ideally, you spend the majority of your time working in your business, i.e. serving up your classy service or product line to your fantastic customers.  But to keep business rolling in, you might be like one of the two femalepreneurs above:  working on your business all the time just to get business, or paying through the nose to have someone else (supposedly) do that for you.

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How to Start a Successful Online Business

Lost Your Job?  Learn How to Start a Successful Online Business!

If you’ve lost your income due to the shutdown of small businesses, you have the opportunity to take control over your income by learning how to start a successful online business.  I can show you how.

I started from scratch and built my way to independence from an employer, and I did it without paying for advertising!  You know what?  You can, too.

I so appreciate the reduction in stress from the fear of losing a job.  The commute, the long hours, the boredom (I get bored working for someone else), the frustration with micromanagement, office politics, etc.  Now I sit outside when I need a break, go for a walk when my body feels the need, and reschedule my days if I want to do something interesting that comes across my desk.

Let me show you how..

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How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales

How Can You Find New Customers Who Are Ready to Buy From You?

Many people I work with hire me to incorporate professional-level keyword research into their websites. They want more customers and don’t understand how to find new customers and increase sales.  Keywords are vital to attracting the target market for an idea, product, or service – that is, customers ready to consume or buy what you sell.

But most businesses don’t use keywords correctly – and waste their money on either bad SEO (search engine optimization) or ads.

One client I recently created a keyword and website optimization package for had been paying thousands of dollars every month on ads containing NO viable keywords whatsoever! 

If you’re interested in learning how to find new customers and increase sales, it helps to first understand how people search.

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What Do Customers Want?

How To Find Out What Customers Want

It’s a good question, how to find what customers want.  In the mind of the business owner (that’s you), it’s obvious.  You know what you’re selling.  It makes perfect sense to you why the customer should buy your product or service.

image: how to find what customers wantBut when we consider the mind of that customer, it is like an alien planetscape with weird things flying by overhead and uncertain footing.  Let me explain.

In order to help you understand better how to find what customers want, I’m going to help you get into their heads.

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Get A Professional Business Coach

Business Coaching Services

You don’t just need a one-time tip sheet or short course.  You want and deserve the time of a devoted professional who can guide you through the process of entrepreneurship – you need a coach.  My business coaching services are designed to help you achieve the success I have and carry what I teach you everywhere you go.

image: business coaching services

I guide my coaching clients through successful strategies and steps no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.  Does your second venture need a lift off the ground?  Are you just starting out after a job loss?  Is your online presence not converting?  These issues and more can be resolved with a great coach, and I am here to help you succeed.

Book a discovery call to tell me about your goals, learn more about my business coaching services, and get your questions answered.

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Featured Services

Landing Page or Microsite Copy

A specialized type of longform copy dedicated to selling a single product or service such as a conference, ebook, or newsletter.
Usually equivalent to a six to eight page sales letter.

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Press Release

A short news or feature story for distribution to news outlets in order to generate press coverage for an event, product, or idea.

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Online or Banner Ad

100 word online ad, or 100 words and a rough design for a banner ad.

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Business Copywriting For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

For People on the Verge of Breaking Into the Perfect Market:  get THE strategy for increasing traffic your website needs, FREE.

The Strategy For Increasing Traffic Your Website Needs To Crush Your Competition

image: increase traffic your website needs

If you are looking for content marketing help for your business, chances are you have seen promises like:

  • Quadruple your sales”
  • Bring your closure from 0-85 with one piece of content”
  • Boost department sales by two thirds”

These may sound like empty vows written to grab the attention of floundering businesses, BUT these are actually the track record of my copywriting services. Here are some more real testimonies from my clients:

Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure how quickly this would work, but I got my first inquiry in only three days..and it turned into paid work after months of drought.” – Jean R., landscape mason

The analytical email I get now from Google are radically better..more visitors than I’ve ever seen!” – Gina S., boutique owner

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