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Zombie Permaculture answers the question: How thick will your mulch be when the hordes descend?Zombie Permaculture is about harmonious human and planetary coexistence.

If you’re like many people, you may have begun to think about hordes and mulch lately. Well, maybe not those things exactly, but you get the idea, right? Zombie Permaculture is all about getting on the path away from what’s going wrong with this world and getting onto the path that celebrates and nurtures what’s right about it. With Monsanto, factory agriculture, and Wall Street running things without the best interests of citizens in mind, this site is about helping you snag your power back and boost your quality of life.

A professional, certified Permaculture designer for nine years, Jadene Mayla also holds a graduate degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon and has worked with clients across Oregon, California, and other states to solve broad landscape issues and set up harmonious, sustainable systems on rural, suburban, and urban sites.

Inspired by witnessing what the ecological design discipline of Permaculture can do, Jadene is keen to share this tool with others.  Even the simple act of covering bare soil with organic material attracts beneficial insects and Earthworms that add nutrients and loosen compaction.  Moisture is now held in place by the mulch, and the plants and trees are buffered against drought.  With more of everything they need, they get better at resisting disease and can put more of their energy toward fruit and flower production.  This one act also prevents runoff and erosion.

Permaculture has many more techniques for strengthening the landscape.  These power moves in turn shelter and feed people.  Gardens can literally create community via their design.  Imagine a meeting place for friends, family, neighbors:  shady seats, low-hanging fruit, a fire pit and stage, pathways nestled among cascading flowers, clear running water.  This can happen, and you can do it with some know-how or help.

Answering the call of Zombie Permaculture, Jadene has turned her specialty in merging landscape architecture with Permaculture into a philosophy.  Writing about survival on Planet Earth from a humorous, informed perspective highlighting deep ecology and community development, she created this site to inspire and assist the re-greening of the planet and a return to community.

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How thick will your mulch be when the Hordes descend?