Q Drops The Truth

The mainstream news recently fumbled the ball by unintentionally drawing international attention to the phenomenon known as ‘Qanon.’   From those citizens of the world who didn’t already know about the Q-level military intelligence operation, search engines exploded with queires.  Oops.  But the corporate fake news is stupid, even while they follow a brilliantly evil agenda to disinform The People.  If you recently learned about Q drops or Qanon on the news or in the paper, you are most definitely being lied to.  The Q drops are no theory, but rather they reveal a real conspiracy being perpetrated against children around the world.  In this show I share with you the Q drops from today that illustrate this.


Be ready to have your reality shaken, your trust in those who have told you they and only they are telling you the truth completely shattered.  Starting sometime in about mid-July, I have been gathering a list of high-profile people who have been either arrested, sued, or indicted for pedophilia.  The people on it should not be in positions of power.  These people are being officially and formally punished for raping children or trading child pornography.

This is the big secret that the mainstream fake news media and the powerful people they create propaganda for don’t want you to discover.  Thus, all the hit pieces on Qanon, the major censorship of patriots who read the Q drops and work to get the word out to those who don’t know what is happening.

The world needs to know these people’s names, the positions they hold, and what they have done.  I urge you to tune out the fake news noise of the mainstream media and start reading the Q drops for yourself.  Today’s video alone should show you why.

To the proof dropped by Q today, I add my own ongoing list of pedophile take-downs.  You can watch my previous show going through this list here.  I am talking about people like the Vice President of Disney.  Today’s list is on that level.

Watch today’s show:

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What is The Matrix Hiding? Interview With Thomas Althouse

What is The Matrix hiding?

Is there something even darker than Mr. Smith lurking in the film? The story depicted in the 1999 film captivated audiences around the world, bringing us into a computer-simulated illusion keeping its human characters from the terrible post-apocalyptic truth.

In the default world after the SARS-Cov2 panic, followed by the ANTIFA riots, the world sprouted fissures that sent citizens into red and blue pill camps. After months of isolation, I reached out to make connections amidst all the chaos, and synchronicities and chance meetings guided me forward. One of these led me to conduct this interview.

While many, me included, think of the film as a sort of documentary, I had always dreamed that one day I would get to ask the writer where the idea came from, what the symbology really means, and a number of hard-hitting questions related to research for a creative project of my own. Not for the first time, my vision became a reality when I was introduced one day to the man featured in this interview.

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What is the Mass Media’s Role in Creating Trauma During the Coronavirus Panic

What is the Mass Media Doing to Create and Sustain Panic and Trauma During Coronavirus?

All some people have during “lock down” is the black box and its endless stream of “urgent updates” about Coronavirus.  But are enough of us going to be able to disconnect from “the news” to consider what is the mass media doing to our mental and emotional state as a population right now?  

An ally of mine shared via email with a group of about 25 activists that she heard a trauma psychologist on KPCC say about the so-called pandemic that, “Altruism builds Resilence after Trauma.”

That word, trauma, stirred in me a response that I felt called to share.  I replicate and expand a bit on this response here and hope it finds you.

Winnie the Pooh’s Take

Since I was about twenty one, after reading The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff (in which he uses the phrase ‘negative news media’) I have been on a mainstream media fast.  It has not only led to enhanced peace of mind, but I have found that I really haven’t needed to be in its tractor beam in order to know more or less what is going on in the world.

Speaking of cartoons and kids’ entertainment, evidence has been surfacing steadily during the COVID-19/Coronavirus panic that the mainstream corporate media, which used to belong to six transnational for-profit corporate entities and is now mostly owned by Disney, is intentionally fear-mongering to keep We The People afraid and isolated.

What is the Mass Media Gaining From Inducing Fear?
Image Credit: https://www.titlemax.com/discovery-center/money-finance/companies-disney-owns-worldwide/

The reason seems tied to the push by pharmaceutical corporations under Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates for mandatory vaccination (the ingredients of vaccines are not required to be disclosed) and a national tracking system to ensure compliance.

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Black Friday

Black Friday.  Biggest US shopping day of the year, treated like a holiday.  Stores open up in the middle of the night and offer sales.  People stream in from their homes, some never touching their beds, packing tote bags full of circled ads, hand-held television sets, and a will as strong as any athlete to win.

Only on Black Friday winning is about grabbing the sale items before anyone else.  Each year, at least one person is trampled to death somewhere in the United States on this corporate holiday, by other shoppers more eager to get their deals than respect the lives of shoppers with less of an iron will than theirs.

A group of 4 or 5 friends grabbed a video camera, a still camera, and a voice recorder and stayed up ’till dawn in order to interview these people while they waited in lines at the Malls and big stores for Black Friday.

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Big Box Zombies

Breaking News: Zombies have been seen using big-box stores to meet.

The implications are grave, with possible strategy sessions for infiltration and takeover occurring during these Z meetups. This article breaks down an analysis of what’s happening and makes recommendations for nipping further outbreak in the bud.

The scene: Milling about somewhat aimlessly, several shoppers were observed recently in Wal-Mart displaying behavior indicative of infection with the zombie virus.

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Soil Erosion Solutions to Reclaim Your Land

Soil Erosion Solutions for Street Trees

I was delighted when free mulch showed up (and so did a neighbor to help me spread it) after three years of dreaming that someday the bare soil under the Crab Apple trees along 61st Street in SE Portland, Oregon, would be covered. This wonderful little project demonstrates one of many soil erosion solutions for different situations.

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